By Design Portfolio - 10 Jan 2018

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With MiFID II now in full effect, we see an opportunity for companies to take control and provide the buy-side with rich, accessible and informative online content.

On Thursday 8 March 2018, we hosted an event in London, held in partnership with Edison Investment Research, the investment research and advisory company, at their offices in Holborn. MiFID II has impacted on the buy-side, with less research support, an unbundling of fees and a growing trend of investors seeking more direct access. Our event examined how companies can ensure their corporate websites effectively communicate their equity story.

The presentation included a best practice site-map and a “deep dive” into certain sections of the corporate website, focusing on the areas that can clearly communicate the strengths, aims and ambitions of a business to both current and potential shareholders.

“IROs are going to start taking over the corporate communications message.”
Neil Shah Director of Research, Edison

The workshop was a huge success and was attended by IROs, CFOs, Communications Managers and consultants from a variety of companies who were all interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by MIFID II and how they can effectively communicate online.

“MiFID II is leading to huge changes in the industry. As your website is an investor’s first port of call, it is imperative that your purpose and equity story is polished and clear, providing a true understanding of future value.”
Daniel Redman Head of Research and Strategy, Design Portfolio

The event began with a talk from Neil Shah, Director of Research at Edison, who spoke about the changes we should expect as a result of MiFID II and the impacts of this for corporates and IROs. Daniel Redman, Head of Research and Strategy at Design Portfolio then discussed how companies can respond to these changes through their online digital communications so that shareholders can easily understand the company and reasons to invest. Following this, Tom Rogers, Digital Account Director at Design Portfolio, discussed the best practice sitemap, using real life examples and highlighting key areas of focus such as the investment case, business model and strategy.

“Currently less than 30% of the FTSE 100 include an investment case on their website. Post MiFID II, we expect this to change.”
Tom Rogers Digital Account Director, Design Portfolio

The afternoon concluded with an interactive Q&A session between members of the audience and our key speakers – and this went on for quite some time! Guests happily enjoyed wine and nibbles into the evening and shared their experiences of MiFID II, opinions and feedback.

In light of the success of the event, and the growing list of interested parties, we will look to organise additional dates for this particular event. If you would like to receive an invitation or keep up-to-date on future events, please contact