• Annual report
  • Summary annual report for employees

For its IPO in 2013, Countrywide Group also launched a new group brand. Working on the maiden annual report, our challenge was to find the brand’s voice while simultaneously articulating a compelling investment story that was only just beginning to be told.

Communicating key information

Although Countrywide was able to describe the contours of its business model in text, the company had not yet attempted to portray it in a more readily digestible style. Through a process of content refinement and thoughtful design, we were able to accurately and succinctly communicate the diverse scope of the business.

Clarity out of complexity

With a complex group structure consisting of numerous operating divisions and regional brands, and with a fresh acquisition to integrate, a strong, clear and approachable narrative structure was essential. We achieved this through distinct sectioning and feature spreads that called attention to key concepts.

An integrated message

Countrywide’s investment story encompasses more than just a successful financial performance. It was important to also engage readers with the group’s focus on corporate responsibility and good governance, and, in doing so, enable Countrywide to claim its place among top-performing FTSE 250s.

Forging a strong relationship

Achieving the aims of complex maiden annual report projects relies heavily on a fluid, collaborative working relationship amongst all involved. We set the stage for this with a series of early planning meetings and worked hard to ensure a smooth process throughout so that all could stay focused on the goal in hand.