Why proofreading matters more than ever
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The times they are a-changin’. So sang Bob Dylan in 1964, but who could have realised just how prescient those words would be?

So many of these a-changes are met with a negative response, but for all the talk about kids today, one thing that’s often overlooked is the fact that everyone is writing (and reading) all the time. Texts, WhatsApp messages, emails, Tweets, blogs – we are creating and consuming content like never before from all kinds of platforms.

Is all of this content good?

Absolutely not. But with more exposure comes greater discernment, and this means that companies have something of a fight on their hands when it comes to holding readers’ attention. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever that spelling, grammar and consistency aren’t knocked out in the first round.

Proofreading is a vitally important part of any corporate communications project. For all the thought that can go into content for websites, annual reports, presentations and videos, be it with regard to conveying key messages or adding some spark to the language through literary devices, there’s nothing that creates a bad impression quite like a misspelling. One wrong letter is all it takes to district your readers (see what I did there?!) and to detract from the message you wanted those readers to take away.

At Design Portfolio, we believe there’s no excuse for sloppy standards, and our in-house proofreading team work across all of our projects to ensure our exacting standards of quality control are upheld. They pore over every sentence to ensure that there’s nary a misplaced comma in sight (a comma can, after all, singlehandedly shift the meaning of a sentence – “let’s eat Grandma”, anyone?), as well as ensuring consistency across all associated collateral so that even where multiple authors have had an input, the text reads with one consistent voice.

The times may be a-changin’ but in this information age, proofreading remains essential. It can represent the difference between people taking your content seriously and swiping left. It’s the difference between getting your voice heard and having it become lost in the ever increasing crowd.

If you want to know more about how we can elevate your content, get in touch at hello@design-portfolio.co.uk.