Adding an Insights Entry

  1. Click the icon next to the dashboard ( the two little pages icon on the top right corner) and choose insights entry.

  2. Once the page composer screen opens, click "attributes" from within the left hand menu and fill blog name. Then from the menu on the left under Other select the thumbnail and insights categories.

  3. Complete the follow information on this page:

    1. Under description add a short description describing the blog piece

    2. Add the date of the blog

    3. Add a thumbnail image (from the designers this should be 345x315)

    4. Select a blog category (either news, research or work)

    5. Select the author of the piece. Clear current author it by pressing the x on the blue author box. Click on choose user. Select author by clicking on the DP members name.

  4. Save changes

  5. Click again on the little gear and then you should view the page ready to be populated. Click on the edit button, add a text block where you have the space (empty main area).

  6. Add the blog content into the text box. Ensure the copy has been proofread first!

  7. Some blog posts might have images within the text. In this case add a text block, then an image block and then another text box ( for as many images are there are)

    1. NOTE: When you add an image within the text you also need left click on the block after you added it, click on design & custom template, click on the little gear on the menu and choose “mb large” in custom class.

  8. Publish page

Adding user information

  1. Click on the dashboard icon to open the dropdown menu, click on members. 
  2. You can search for a member by clicking through the list or by using the search in the upper right hand corner. If there is no member currently in the CMS then click add user in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Username is the first and surname (example: design.portfolio) go to and generate a password with a password length of 32 characters. Enter in the users email address, job title and add the profile picture. Hit add. 

Edit user information

  1. If a member is already created and you need to change or add information click on the name of the member you need to update. 
  2. Under custom attributes click the text to the right of job title (this may say none) Add the job title and click the blue checkmark. 
  3. Click on the text to the right of Profile Picture. (this may say none). Say choose file and select the user photo from the folder DP Users. (You may have to add the image to the folder if it has not already been uploaded). Click the blue check mark to save it. 

Feature an Insights Entry

To feature an insights entry (make sure it shows at the top of the insights overview) 

  1. Navigate to the page you want to feature by either: 
    1. Through the sitemap found in the dashboard and left clicking to bring up the menu and select attributes or
    2. Navigating to the page you want to feature, click the gear in the upper left hand corner, and select attributes.
  2. Under Navigation and Indexing make sure Is Featured is available. (Will show with a blue background if available)
  3. In the right hand column scroll down till you see Is Featured, and check the box