Why Design Portfolio?

It’s no secret that presentations are often unpolished, convoluted and bland. With tailored, powerful messaging, striking design and infographics, and a dash of animation, we’ll make sure your decks are on-brand, genuinely memorable and free of any embarrassing typos. 

Our capabilities

We provide engaging presentations, providing key information with maximum impact
  • Template creation of key spreads
  • Bespoke design to bring content to life
  • Content population and proofing

Creating striking visuals to communicate quickly, clearly and memorably
  • Identification, brainstorming and design
  • Creation and development of graphics 
  • Multiple formats and editability

By animating key content, we create a more interactive experience
  • Identify opportunities for animation
  • Plan, build and deliver relevant file formats
  • Repurpose animation for wider use and additional value

Writing a compelling narrative will enhance and maximise your presentation
  • Content, structure and slide planning
  • Drafting from scratch
  • Adding polish to inhouse drafts

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail
  • Full time, in-house proofreading team
  • Read for sense, consistency, style, spelling and grammar
  • QA procedures throughout the project lifecycle