The challenge


In these uncertain times, it is paramount that you keep your stakeholders informed and give them confidence in your business. The main challenge for the annual report is to clearly convey your story, exploring the progress made during the year, while also looking to the future. It is important to tackle head on how recent events could impact your strategy and what measures you have in place to mitigate against any disruption.

The opportunity


As an annual report design agency, we understand that the annual report remains a powerful tool to communicate a company’s strengths and strategies to key stakeholders, even in today’s world of instant information. Much more than just a snapshot of a company’s performance for the past year, the annual report is an opportunity to highlight a company’s key achievements, expectations for the coming year and overall goals and objectives, all in a format that is easily accessible by a wide range of audiences. Through a combination of compelling visuals and engaging content, the annual report can tell a company’s full story, from its products and growth prospects to the talents of its people and its commitment to ESG.

Our capabilities

Our team helps companies provide their stakeholders with advice and recommendations for their objectives, strategies and in line with regulatory demands. We provide insights for now, as well as plans for the future.


ESG and regulatory advice


Content and pagination planning


Creative conceptualisation


Quality assurance and proofing


Remote authoring


Print and mail management


Online reporting

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