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As a visible market leader in light vehicle hire in the UK, Ireland and Spain, Northgate needed a corporate website to match the ease of use of its popular consumer sites. We explored a number of routes with Northgate, which helped us craft a final proposal which combined simple functionality with a sophisticated look and feel.


Northgate required a corporate website to run in parallel with its consumer sites. A functional online presence with straightforward site management was required, which provided a solid foundation for possible future growth.

Brand integration

Northgate has a clearly defined brand and communications strategy, so we let these principles guide the development of the site throughout the process. Eye-catching photography was important to give visitors a positive, accurate impression of the company. We organised and art-directed photoshoots in several locations across the UK and Spain to create a strong library of photography fit for purpose.

Customised control

Our integration of the CMS platform gave Northgate immediate control of site content from the outset. Custom add-ons include an image gallery with downloads and an interactive Board page.

Targeted tools

Northgate opted for an advanced feeds package, including a branded share price graph that features volume of trades, rollover information and print and download buttons.