NWF Group
  • Annual report
  • Website
  • Factsheet
  • Presentation
  • Photography

We are a complete investor communications partner to NWF, enabling total alignment of appearance and message across all of the company’s shareholder communications.

Small but powerful

NWF’s annual reports are succinct but packed with detail. The company has a clear vision of what it wants to communicate and each year we recommend reporting improvements in line with that focus.

Synergy across mediums

Part of our work involves annually refreshing the design of NWF’s website to bring it in line with its corporate reporting. This way, the website and report work in synergy to present a strong, unified impression. In addition, the site was designed and built responsively to work across multiple devices.

Image management

Periodically we also compile a new portfolio of photography across NWF’s sites. The strong, dynamic images help reinforce NWF’s heritage as a hard-working agricultural and distribution business.

Additional items

We also handle the design of the company’s factsheet and PowerPoint presentations, creating tight, professional documents which are important tools in the company’s communication programme.