Countryside’s challenge was to tell their story in a simple, cohesive way to consumers and investors. For Design Portfolio, the challenge was to build an investor relations website that would showcase Countryside’s corporate achievements, and make complex financial information easy to understand – using a framework of custom navigation inherited from the company’s consumer site. Collaboration and cooperation were key.

How we helped

We now provide the AR, sustainability report and IR website for consistent communications.

We optimised the website structure and built an attractive interface and intuitive CMS.

We worked with multi-project stakeholders to ensure successful delivery

We continue to provide support, regular reviews and analysis of key analytics.

“Design Portfolio provided an extensive peer review for both our annual and sustainability reports at the beginning of our corporate reporting cycle, identifying opportunities to enhance our reports and further address best practice and better tell our story. We are supported throughout the projects with content and strategic reviews provided by Design Portfolio’s Research and Strategy team, which provide a great sense check for the team here.”

Victoria Prior – Head of Corporate and Investor Communications, Countryside Properties


A truly collaborative effort between Countryside and our strategy, creative, development and account management teams, as well as with the agency developing Countryside’s consumer site, resulted in a cohesive and easy-to-use suite of elements. Clean, simple visuals and financials, and a user experience that is both intuitive and unobtrusive tell Countryside’s story in an inspiring and engaging way.


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