Escher Group
  • Website

Escher provides a range of innovative technology solutions to customers across the globe. We helped transform the way they communicate their offering through a completely restructured website built around a newly refreshed brand.

Structure first

A core objective of the new website was to provide a much clearer breakdown of Escher's large family of digital products. To kick-start the project, we undertook a full content review, advising on simplified product categories and a solutions-led communications strategy.

A more engaging experience

Escher's previous digital strategy segregated commercial and investor audiences across multiple domains. The new website brings all company information together with a single, unified online presence built on a responsive framework that dramatically improves accessibility for users on the go.

Enriching content

The website needed to be re-established as the primary source of information on the company and this necessitated a comprehensive content audit. We concentrated on rewriting, adding and updating copy in order to ensure the website effectively reflected Escher’s business, values and brand.

Reinvigorating the brand

It was important to make sure that Escher's new online presence both supported and clearly communicated its position as a world-class technology leader. Through a considered use of colour, whitespace and typography the new site has developed solid foundations for a fully reinvigorated brand.