James Fisher
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We helped James Fisher bring together their growing portfolio of businesses under a distinct and unified online presence that could be easily managed in-house through a flexible content management system (CMS).

Setting the tone

Our first step was to develop a cleaner, more confident visual language and tiered navigation system for the main site. This foundation helped us get across a great deal of information in an accessible way.

Ensuring flexibility

After analysing content and identifying key page structures, we developed a set of web page templates that would give James Fisher flexibility in the ongoing management of the website. Several bespoke add-ons were also included to help manage and create content quickly. A key CMS module is the careers manager, where job vacancies can be created and users can apply using the CV and covering letter upload facility.

Extending the application

We then worked with individual subsidiaries to adapt these structures and designs to their own requirements. Each site was populated internally through its CMS by the James Fisher team, with collaborative review periods between us and the client.

Additional services and ongoing relationship

In addition to design, build and CMS integration, we also assisted James Fisher with other digital services, including hosting for an employee intranet and a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. We provide ongoing technical support to James Fisher, adjusting and improving the sites and CMS as requirements and technologies evolve.