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Our long standing client MCG is the parent company of two very distinct consulting businesses. In a year focused on making changes from within, the challenge was to clearly communicate the way each was adapting and enhancing its own offering. We saw this as an opportunity to create a powerful narrative centred on the idea of: "progressing together: distinctly but in tandem".

Two halves, one whole

The design enhances this narrative by providing a visual language that distinguishes each business without losing the emphasis on the whole. Considered use of the brand colours and a split graphic device heightens the individuality of each company while also adding clarity to the report structure and messaging.

Maturing style and tone

In line with the changes MCG was making to evolve its businesses, it was important to also evolve the overall tone of the report. We employed sophisticated typography and a tight grid structure to reflect a confident and considered business, while enhanced best practice disclosures match the attention to business fundamentals this year.

A multi-platform story

The online report was designed to be equally clear in message and structure. Easy navigation and good legibility take precedence over bells and whistles, and care was taken to adapt the print graphics and typography for a consistent digital read.

Ensuring a smooth workflow

As a long standing client, MCG appreciates using our remote authoring system on key sections such as the financials. This allows them to combine internal control with the reassurance and support of our project management and proofreading teams according to their preferences and capabilities.