Petra Diamonds
  • Annual report
  • Sustainability report
  • Factsheet

Our aim for Petra Diamonds’ latest reporting projects – the 2014 annual and sustainability reports – was to further improve on past reporting performance, disclosure and best practice content, creating much more integrated reports.

Fit for purpose

Core to Petra’s IR programme is ensuring the company’s business model, strategy and future prospects are clearly understood by the UK and international communities. We addressed this with a thoughtful, concise narrative supported by clear graphics.

Clear improvements

To ensure readers absorbed every important point, particular attention was paid to the use of charts, pull-outs and diagrams. Traditionally text-heavy pieces were transformed so that, despite the overall length of the report, every section felt easy to read and inviting.

Careful planning

During the planning phase, every section was critically assessed with the question: "how can we make this more cohesive and transparent?". Our answers involved restructuring some pieces, and simplifying or adding detail to others.

High levels of transparency

Petra Diamonds’ aim is to always set out a clear picture of the Group's past performance and future prospects through its external reporting. To this end, we have once again helped Petra Diamonds present its sustainability content in a progressive, stand-alone sustainability report.