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As a leading distributor of specialist building products across Europe, SIG required a new responsive corporate website to better service its many stakeholders.

Responding to global visitors and their mobile platforms

As SIG is a global business with visitors coming from all parts of the world, and with website analytics demonstrating the huge increase in mobile platforms, it was fundamental we provided SIG with a website that functioned and responded accordingly. By first understanding and then structuring the information hierarchy, we were able to suit the needs of all users, on all platforms.

Bringing together best practice

Another goal was to provide a clear and coherent website platform that SIG would be able to build upon. Through a detailed briefing session we determined the immediate best practice requirements and identified facilities that could prove beneficial as website technologies develop.

Providing internal flexibility

During the briefing session SIG made it clear that flexibility and the ongoing management of the website were fundamental to its success, allowing the team to update and change any page with ease. As with most of our websites, we built the website using concrete5, our preferred open source content management system (CMS).

Share feed facilities

In addition to the design, build and CMS integration, we also assisted SIG plc in identifying interactive share price data feeds, charting facilities and automatic RNS announcements with email alerting facilities from the London Stock Exchange.