This was the second year of our communications partnership with Tullow Oil and the brief was to keep making improvements, streamline, organise and generally create a more succinct iteration of their corporate communications. We never shy away from a challenge and our teams were soon collaborating to achieve Tullow Oil’s ambitious vision.

How we helped

Providing content planning and strategic review, we also helped integrate sustainability narrative.

We worked collaboratively to get the right balance of imagery, infographics and text.

A self-editing tool enabled flexible proofing but we still supported at key stages.

Providing final reviews within our office gave quick access to our production teams.

“The knowledge of the team has allowed us to achieve our objectives and streamline the latest Report, delivering all of our expectations.
We have found DP to be a strong, friendly and reliable communications partner.”

Anna Brog – Senior Communications Manager, Tullow Oil


We provided Tullow Oil with a combination of expert advice and rigorous process, making sure that they had an annual report that raised the bar with a clearer, more succinct strategy section and simpler, consistent narrative. It’s a report that was perfectly tailored to their ambitions, met their goals and demonstrated that, once again, they are working with just the right team.


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