Tullow Oil PLC
  • Annual report

Tullow Oil is a leading independent oil and gas exploration and production company with interests in over 100 exploration and production licences across 18 countries. This was our first year of working with the FTSE 250 company, which was looking for a new communications partner to produce its 2016 corporate reporting project, without losing any of the award-winning quality of previous reports.

In-depth knowledge

Design Portfolio quickly got under the skin of Tullow, understanding its challenges and working collaboratively to provide tailored solutions to meet its brief. The project started with a full benchmark of the annual report, providing observations and recommendations to streamline the report and realise cost efficiencies without jeopardising the story, best practice content or overall presentation.

A new perspective

There were two key aims for this year’s annual report; the first was to streamline the report and the second was to better integrate important sustainability narrative. By working with Tullow to build an initial pagination plan, we were able to provide practical advice to considerably reduce the overall page count, whilst developing a detailed content plan which further indicated how information could be better ordered and sustainability content better integrated throughout the strategic report, with drivers to additional online content where necessary.

Design and photography management

Maintaining consistency and high standards for this year’s annual report was also crucial from a creative and brand point of view. Design Portfolio worked closely with Tullow’s brand team to ensure that the integrity of the brand was upheld and that imagery was carefully selected to successfully tell the Tullow story.

Flexible production

In order to ensure a seamless transition from Tullow’s previous agency to Design Portfolio, we provided an online self-editing solution for the strategic report and governance sections with the financials provided in MS Word. These production methods provided continued flexibility and control for Tullow with Design Portfolio carrying out regular quality control checks and proofreading to ensure the integrity and quality of the files and a smooth process overall.