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In May 2014, the strategic land specialists Urban&Civic carried out a reverse takeover of our long standing client Terrace Hill, listed on the London Stock Exchange, and raised £170m of capital to create a new and exciting Group called Urban&Civic plc.

Building on a strong relationship

Having worked with the Terrace Hill team on reporting and websites since 2008, our relationship was firmly developed. We took the time to get to know the incoming members of the Urban&Civic team and to understand the new focus for the Group. This enabled us to move quickly to help with the new company’s communications needs, including updating the previous website in just three short weeks.

The maiden report

Everyone involved understood how crucial it was to get the first annual report right. We invested time in the planning phase, developing a structure that would clearly explain why the two businesses had come together and the size of the opportunity they now targeted. Brainstorming, research and analysis was shared with the Urban&Civic team over several sessions to ensure messaging was on target and we had a concept that everyone could get behind.

An image tells 1,000 words

Urban&Civic identified themselves as an original, best-in-class real estate business that believes in doing things right. To communicate this effectively, we needed to go beyond putting the right narrative in place and make this report stand out from the crowd. Special attention was given to typography, layout and photography, including organising a full week of photoshoots at a number of Urban&Civic’s development projects and strategic land sites. The brief: to be as dynamic, adventurous and engaging as possible.

Not your average annual report

We put in extra effort to make sure that nothing about the report was cookie-cutter. From the binding to the paper stock, language and layout, every detail was considered. Report spreads were designed and typeset individually to ensure it would be full of character. We wanted to give Urban&Civic a maiden report to be proud of, as well as one that would make a notable entrance to the annual reporting scene.