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Urban&Civic strives to be a best-in-class property company which crafts strategic sites and commercial developments. It believes in doing things right and defines itself by the quality of its projects. This commitment and ethos extends to all of the company’s corporate communications, where consistency of message is provided across print, digital and video.

A successful communications partnership

Urban&Civic understands the importance of good communication with key stakeholders and each year DP works across different media to deliver this throughout the year. Whether it is art directing the photoshoots, storyboarding the video or advising on the annual report, multiple projects are managed to timetable and budget.

A creative “coffee table” style annual report

For the third Urban&Civic annual report since IPO, our brief paid special attention to creativity, illustrations and photography, including organising multiple photoshoots at a number of strategic land sites, which showcased Urban&Civic’s high-quality offering and increased engagement with the annual report, providing an annual report which stands out from the crowd.

Developing a unique report

Every detail of the annual report is always considered, from the tone of voice and layout to the binding and paper stock. This year was no different and the importance of quality was indeed reflected through new printing techniques for the report such as gatefolds and throw outs, creating more space for the drone land site images to be presented in all their glory.

Consistency of message is key

To emphasise the key messaging within this year’s report, an annual report highlights video was commissioned and a new video channel was integrated within the corporate website alongside the relevant annual report content. This brought the narrative and imagery to life in a dynamic and engaging way, demonstrating the combined commitment to improving the consistency of message across all of Urban&Civic’s corporate collateral.