As a global provider of high-performance polymer solutions, one of Victrex’s biggest challenges has always been to explain effectively what they do, and why it is important. This year, the company appointed a new CEO after 24 years of unchanging leadership. The challenge of telling the story of who they are was compounded by the need to introduce a new CEO and his vision, whilst maintaining a sense of stability for the company.

How we helped

Our strong, long-standing partnership enables a deeper understanding of Victrex's challenges.

We work collaboratively on the annual report and investor presentations.

We helped plan pagination and content, reviewing governance and refreshing design elements.

We reviewed the website to identify opportunities for repurposing key AR content.

“Internally the annual report has gone down very well, alongside positive external feedback. We have continued to show progression of the narrative and investment story. The support we’ve been given in both process and strategic advice have been excellent and helped us to achieve continued clarity and understanding of what Victrex stands for.“

Andrew Hanson – Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Victrex


This annual report focused on the concept of ‘delivery’, including delivery of a seamless leadership transition, which reassured investors. ‘Delivery’ also allowed us to build a greater understanding of Victrex as a company, through a developed at a glance, business model, markets and strategic content which was successfully repurposed in other areas of Victrex’ communications suite.


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