By Design Portfolio - 22 May 2017


At Design Portfolio we’re always looking for ways to evolve, whether it’s delivering great work for our clients or supporting our people in a job they can be proud of, we’re committed to continuous development. As part of that commitment, we’ve been busy looking at how best to communicate our journey, and in doing so have decided that now is the right time to launch a new brand for Design Portfolio.

Leon Channon, Design Portfolio’s Creative Director, said:

“Our goal was to produce a brand which was simple, timeless, flexible and distinctive. We created an identity which would sit well alongside showcasing our clients’ work, whilst at the same time being instantly recognisable on its own. Our new logo has a simple and timeless appeal. New additions of colours and fonts helped us build a distinctive look and feel. We then looked at how it would be delivered across platforms and used in various applications to ensure its flexibility. The result is a brand which we feel has delivered on the objectives we set out to achieve and one that we’re all extremely proud of.”

You may have noticed our new logo and social media updates already. These will be followed by a new website, blogs, brochures, merchandise and much more.

We’re excited about how we’re growing our business and we look forward to sharing it all with you!

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