By Design Portfolio - 13 Nov 2017


Last Thursday, the design team headed over to the Emmanuel Centre, near Westminster, to attend a design talk by David McCandless – author of Information Is Beautiful. One of the world’s leading data journalists and information designers, McCandless is known for pioneering a fascinating way to look at the world – through the lens of visualisation – turning data, information and knowledge into beautiful graphical images and diagrams.

For those of us navigating an age of info-overload and “fake news”, visualised information has incredible potential to help us find meaning in a complicated world. Whether it’s military budgets, bird flu outbreaks or business models, McCandless showcased some of his playful infographics which brought to life information too complex or abstract to grasp any way but visually.

McCandless expanded the approach beyond data and information into the richer, deeper, denser material of “knowledge”. Whether it’s for science, politics or financial diagrams, data visualisation is beautiful graphics that reveal intricate, invisible and sometimes hilarious stories lurking in the data, information and knowledge surrounding us.

Take a look at his TED talk from 2010: here

A great source of inspiration for the design team when it comes to infographics: here