By Design Portfolio - 29 Nov 2017


The next in our series of successful workshops took place on Thursday 16 November in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels in Leeds. Following our events in Manchester and Cambridge with the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) we were excited to explore new territory with the Investor Relations Society (IRS) at a slightly more intimate event discussing the current corporate communications landscape both in print and digital.

Daniel Redman, Head of Research and Strategy at Design Portfolio,and John Gollifer, General Manager of the IRS,detailed the recent changes to the Strategic Report Guidance UK, the Corporate Governance Code and quarterly reporting and how this would specifically impact companies from AIM to Small/Mid Cap.

Value creation, strategy and performance

The importance of communicating value creation, strategy and performance were broken down into bite-sized portions and tips were shared on how to evolve them from the previous year. Governance was tackled in digestible sections, asking “What does it mean for companies and how can it be communicated effectively?”

Tweets included:

The benefits of good corporate governance include investor confidence, competitive advantage and strong stakeholder relationships #reportingmatters; and

“Good #governance includes: making it personal, representing wider interests and being transparent on procedures #reportingmatters.

The workshop retained relevance to each company with the opportunity for questions throughout which was utilised by many, creating a dynamic and engaged atmosphere.

The digital opportunity

One of the key areas of the event for numerous attendees was “The digital opportunity” presented by Tom Rogers, Senior Digital Account Manager at Design Portfolio. Techniques and examples of utilising annual report content to support individual website narrative were shared, as were the opportunities to extend online reach. How to keep website content up to date was also explored, delving into how this can help feed annual report content, making investor relations teams’ lives easier, particularly for key content such as risk, strategy and case studies.

The forthcoming publication of a new digital whitepaper was also announced which will highlight interesting developments and how recent changes such as MiFID II affect digital content and the further opportunities created by such change. Our last whitepaper on environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting was also available, alongside recent research from the IRS.

Post event, everyone enjoyed hospitality in the Hilton SkyLounge and chatted about the day’s topics and learnings, which rounded off the day nicely.

We would like to thank all of our guests for their attendance and thoughtful contribution at the event and we look forward to hosting our next in early 2018.

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