By Design Portfolio - 03 Jul 2017


Last week, our London team headed to Canada Water to battle it out at Hollywood Bowl in what’s becoming an annual bowling tradition.

We split into three teams where a mixture of skill levels saw strikes, gutter balls and even an attempted spin shot sending a rouge ball crashing into another lane.

When a few technical glitches with the lanes threatened to end the night early, excellent negotiating skills not only saw us bumped up to the VIP lanes, but resulted in a few food platters and a round of drinks on the house.

Unfortunately, our tech troubles didn’t end there and one team discovered that their new lane registered every shot as strikes and spares no matter what they bowled – even gutter balls!

Now, as employees of a company dedicated to accurately recording results, being faced with match fixing was a perplexing concept for these bowlers. However, they bravely pushed through and even shared a few shots of their perfect scores on social media (much to the bemusement of family and friends who were shocked to see a whole gang of rookie bowlers all bagging record-breaking results).

To end the night, many went on to a local Vietnamese restaurant to refuel.

We’ll have to see if we get such a good turn out next time. Or, if some of the team will retire from bowling riding high on the glory of an – albeit dubious – perfect score.