By Design Portfolio - 10 Oct 2017


Last Saturday, intrepid members of Design Portfolio tested their sea legs on a social canal trip down the River Lee in Broxbourne – an area home to a few of our team who were keen to show off the beautiful sights and visit the pubs along the bank.

The weather called for anoraks, yet turnout and spirits remained high.

While half the group manned the canal boat, the others experienced travel at more than four miles per hour in a speedboat owned by Scary Carey, our Head of Production. The latter set the pace, tearing up the river until they realised they’d left their beer back with the others.

Originally – and ambitiously – we had planned to visit five pubs along the river. We had to re-evaluate this plan when we discovered it took 40 minutes to cross the first of what would be a total of six complex locks. Fortunately, the team was ready and able to take turns clambering up onto the banks to crank open the heavy gates to slowly lead our boat to new sections of the river.

Everyone took turns at steering too, with only a few near collisions and no noted casualties.

And, while we may not have reached every pub, in true sailing spirit someone had squirreled away a bottle of rum and a pack of cards on board.

Somehow, we all arrived back in one piece and went for dinner at a cosy pub on the bank to brag about who was the best sailor and brainstorm the next team day out.