By Design Portfolio - 23 Mar 2017

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This week the DP offices rallied in support of “Sunshine & Smiles”, a small, local charity which supports children and young people who have Down syndrome as well as raising awareness and fundraising in conjunction with World Down Syndrome Day.

Down syndrome is a genetic condition resulting in some level of learning disability, a characteristic range of physical features and other health complications such as heart and bowel conditions.

The team baked up a storm, selling cakes of all shapes and sizes, and dressed in the charity colours of blue and yellow. Some even donned odd socks (representing the extra chromosome which appears in the genes of those affected).

21 March (21/03) is a symbolic date for World Down Syndrome Day. The "21" represents the 21st pair of chromosomes, which has the extra chromosome, while the "3" represents this extra chromosome (three instead of the usual two).

We celebrated with plentiful sweet treats and a healthy appetite, raising a fantastic £332.77 for the charity, which is very close to our hearts – particularly in the Leeds office.

Sandeep Assi, a DP typesetter, has a little girl named Ava who has Down syndrome. She commented:

“People with Down syndrome have the same aspirations and dreams as everyone else; with the right support and belief those dreams can be achieved. Today meant a lot to the charity and to me because it’s so important to raise awareness around the condition in order to create a brighter, more inclusive future.”

You can donate by following this link:

We were certainly all smiles this week and hope @Sun_smilesleeds raised much needed support.

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