By Design Portfolio - 15 Jun 2017


The European Mediscience Awards is now in its 16th year. The event will be held on Thursday 15 June at The Brewery, London and is the largest annual gathering of private and publicly quoted healthcare, biotech and life science companies in Europe, bringing together the best of European Mediscience companies to celebrate achievement and recognise success.

The “Best Communication” award

The event includes the presentation of a number of awards including “Breakthrough of the Year”, “Capital Market Transaction of the Year” and “Chief Executive of the Year” award. However, as a complete communications partner, the award which we most align ourselves with, of course, is the “Best Communication” award which is sponsored by Consilium Strategic Communications this year.

The benchmarking process

Design Portfolio plays an integral role in the allocation process of this award and many others. The “Best Communication” award for the European Mediscience Awards lends itself to a company that has “demonstrated its ability to successfully communicate its investment message to its target audience.” This message should be consistent throughout the corporate website, investor presentations, financial reports and the news flow.

As a specialist in corporate reporting and with our experience working with a wide variety of listed companies to develop effective and engaging investor communications strategies, we are a trusted partner, supporting the voting panel by benchmarking the long list of award contenders and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their communications strategies to inform the voting process.

With the support of our in-house best practice matrix, third-party industry best practice guidelines and our own expertise in communication, the Research and Strategy team reviews the available corporate communications collateral.

A list is built demonstrating which companies scored the highest in the benchmarking process. In a relatively recent change and due to the increasing importance of engaging investors online, the website is marked out of 100. This decision was based on the understanding that the website is usually the first port of call for stakeholder communications. The annual report is then marked out of 50.

It is important to note that the “Best Communication” award reaches beyond the quality of the website and annual report. It considers the accessibility of the management team, the news timeline, presentation content and techniques and transparency in the communication of both positive and negative company performance. Design Portfolio’s benchmarking process is critical to helping the panel recognise who is leading in content and accountability through two key communication channels, providing a useful overview for the voting panel of the 40 websites and annual reports reviewed.

So, what does it take to be an award winner?

The key areas of reporting which are examined are clarity, consistency, accessibility and accountability. With the annual report, this means ensuring the investment case is clear, the strategy is future orientated, the governance reporting is meaningful and the risk management, KPIs and sustainability discussions are informative and material.

For the website, key principles such as awareness, accessibility, functionality, regular updates and education about the company must be in place. There must be evidence of two-way communication and key content, such as investment proposition, strategy and corporate governance. All content should be accessible, engaging and employ additional tools and the use of multimedia technology, such as video.

Design Portfolio – how can we help?

As one of the longest standing agencies delivering corporate communications, we are respected by leading industry bodies and are regularly consulted for strategic advice, awards benchmarking and guidance.

As experts in the development of effective and engaging corporate and investor communications strategies, we create compelling stories and deliver them with one clear voice.

Working to support companies across sectors from AIM through to the FTSE 350, we are a trusted partner to organisations such as Just Eat, Tullow Oil and ZPG (Zoopla Property Group) Vectura, Abcam, Shield Therapeutics, Mereo BioPharma and 4D pharma – to name a few.

This week we support the European Mediscience Awards and with the awards ceremony taking place this evening, Thursday 15 June, we wish all the nominated companies the best of luck and look forward to congratulating all of the participants.

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