By Design Portfolio - 30 Jan 2017

Vince Ma Both.png

Vince joined DP nineteen years ago in February 1998 from the University of Reading, having studied Typography. His dedication, hard work and passion for getting everything absolutely perfect resulted in him being promoted quite quickly to Middleweight and then Senior Designer. Soon, he was managing a team of designers, leading, as always, from the front, and in 2006 he became Creative Director, setting incredibly high standards throughout the business.

Vince as a person was not only hard-working and dedicated, but also extremely funny, light-hearted and would go out of his way to make you laugh out loud.

In tribute, DP also sponsors a “Vince Ma Memorial Prize” each year which runs in conjunction with the University of Reading. We support students with prizes for achievement and opportunities for work experience in memory of our former employee and Reading alumnus Vincent Ma. We hope that, by doing so, his memory lives on.